ALK Wellness by Design.

Let me introduce myself and what I have to offer

Hi, I'm Amy Knights

Here's a little about me and what I do..

I work by helping individuals improve their mindset in any area of their life, who are already decided to make a change and make it a successful change, as a Hypnotherapist, Mindfulness and Success Coach.

I am trained at a Master Practitioner level in:

NLP - Utilizing different Neuro Linguistic Programming (mind language) techniques, I help people loosen the grip on their problems.

Time Line Therapy - helping people with negative emotions, limiting decisions, indecision and setting goals.

Hypnosis - in any area of life, from Quit smoking, addictions, trauma, pain relief, weight management, performance enhancement, confidence, self love, relationships (with self and others), stress reduction and relaxation and much more.

I also help any client discover a 'Breakthrough' in any core area of life.

Regularly ran Group Sessions:

Guided Meditation and Mindfulness

I'll help you look after the 'Mind' so it can help you look after the 'Whole Body' holistically..

Which in turn can help you with any problems that you are holding you back with from achieving your goals or kind of life you want to live.

Book in for a free pre-session discovery session and let's see if what I can do with you is a good fit for you, relationships, family, lifestyle and/or business.


Live life by your design not by default.

Always remember, this is possible